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How to make a Triangle Banner in Photoshop (and Free Halloween Invite Download!!)

My sister needed an invite for her church Trunk or Treat so I searched for some free digital paper and brushes and went to work. I was hoping to find a free triangle banner brush or digital element for free but no such luck. So, I figured it out myself.

Download the invite here!!
It is completely adjustable. All the layers are in tact!!

6×7.5 Version that is seen here (easy Costco print with envelopes).
5×7 Version.

Remember that you will need to download the fonts I used in order to change the wording. It is super easy, free and then you have them forever!!

Digital Elements
(only HAVE to download the fonts. The others are just for reference)

Free Fonts (Jack Lantern, Halloween Spiders, Lunacy More)
Free Halloween Digital Paper Pack
Free Haunted House brush
(These are to be used for personal use only)

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I like to work with shapes on a grid. So to get the grid lines, press Ctrl ‘. Then, Choose the polygon tool. (in case that tool isn’t in all Photoshops, you can also get there by choosing the Pen tool and then clicking on the shape in the above menu). Then, set the number of sides to 3. Set your color to contrast the background. Click and drag to make your triangle
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I wanted the triangle to be longer so I used the Transform tool (Ctrl T) and then dragged the bottom box to elongate. I also straightened it so I could work easier at this point.
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Now that I had the shape I wanted, I duplicated my triangle (layer) by pressing Ctrl J. You have to use the move tool (very top tool) to bring the duplicate out from behind the other one so you can see it. From there, I selected each layer and used the Transform tool (Ctrl T), to move it to the shape I needed.
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I was now ready to make a duplicate of the triangles so I didn’t have to do so much work. Create a new layer by clicking on that post-it looking icon at the bottom of the layer palette. Click on the layer above it and press Ctrl E. This will merge it to the new layer. Press Ctrl E until all of the triangle layers are merged into the new layer. (see above)

Press Ctrl J to duplicate the half banner. Use the Transform tool (Ctrl T) to Move it where you need it and to resize so that it fits how you want it. NOTE: If you are resizing and want to keep the dimensions in tact, hold down the Shift key while you drag the corner transform box.
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I needed another triangle for the center of the banner so I just made a separate one and then merged it with the others.

Open your digital paper. Drag it to your document. Press Ctrl T (transform) To size it to your invite (I suggest holding down Shift while you resize so you don’t warp the pattern).
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Okay, hold down the ALT key while you hover your mouse over the line between the paper layer and your banner layer. 2 little circles will appear. While you see those click the mouse. A little arrow will appear. This will link the layers and put the paper only in the triangles.

I wanted a line around so I double clicked on banner layer in the layer palette and the layer style box pops up. Click on Stroke. Double click stroke and it will take you where you can change the size of the outline and the color.
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Woohoo!! Imagine what cool things you can do with this!! Just add text letters right over the top. You could layer them and uses several papers for a cool look. You could even save just this part and put it somewhere you can find it so you can add it to anything you create in the future!