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Treigh & Chelsie – Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

Talk about learning to dance in the rain….literally.  It started when after invitations were out, they learned that the reception venue was not structurally sound and they would have to change to another building and notify all of their guests.  Then, as their wedding day approached, all of us stalked the weather hoping for the best.  After a last minute change in the weather pattern threatened our beach shoot plans, we went for it and beat the storm!  Treigh and Chelsie were so relaxed about the change in plans.  They were totally up for an adventure when I showed them the location I thought would be perfect!

When I arrived to the Newport Beach Temple, it was pouring rain!

Even with all of the obstacles threatening to “dampen” their spirits, this fabulous couple and their wonderful families pulled off and incredible wedding.  So beautiful!

Chelsie and Treigh are surrounded by wonderful people who know how to throw a party!  I literally smiled and laughed the entire day and it took all of my restraint to not join them on the dance floor!

Enjoy a preview of their day.



Second Photographer: Brittany Dow

Catering: Catering by Cherie

DJ: Curtis Whipple

Flowers: Sharon Allison